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Welcome to a world of custom-made corporate health and fitness experiences! Our service offers a wide range of bespoke activities designed to meet the unique needs of your company and its employees. With a focus on inclusivity and accessibility, our activities cater to all abilities, ensuring that everyone can participate and enjoy. Our experienced and certified instructors will work with you to create a customized program that fits your group’s goals and interests, whether it’s weight loss, stress relief, team-building, or anything in between. We provide state-of-the-art facilities and top-quality equipment, as well as healthy and nutritious meals to fuel your team’s fitness journey. So why wait? Let us help you create a corporate wellness program that your team will love!

No 1 Wealth is Health

Enjoy the best fitness experiences

Health and fitness escapes can provide a multitude of benefits for both the team and the business. Firstly, by taking time away from the office to focus on health and wellness, employees are able to recharge, reduce stress, and improve their overall well-being. This leads to increased productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction, which can positively impact the overall performance and success of the business. Additionally, these retreats provide a unique opportunity for team members to bond and build stronger relationships, which can improve communication, collaboration, and teamwork. Furthermore, by participating in physical activities and healthy eating, employees are able to improve their physical health and reduce the risk of illness, leading to lower health-care costs and increased overall health. In short, health and fitness escapes are a smart investment in the health, happiness, and success of your team and your business.

Health & fitness activities

Beginner Classes

Fun Teamwork

Tough Challenges

Yoga & Pilates

Circuits & Cross Fit

Weight Lifting & Kettlebells

Martial Arts & Self Defence

Wild Swimming & Ice Bath

Obstacle Course & Log Run

Trail Running & Hill Hiking

Obstacle Course & 30ft Ropes

Netball & Basketball

Football & Touch Rugby

Orienteering & Navigation

Beach Volleyball & Frisbee 

Airsoft Tactical Missions

Military Bootcamp Training

Sand Dune Training

Hamburger Hill Assault

Stretcher Race & Log Run

Tug Of War

Land Rover Pull

SAS Fan Dance

Obstacle Course & Cold Dip



Client Questions

  1. What kind of fitness activities do you offer for corporate groups?
    • We offer a variety of fun and engaging fitness activities, including group fitness classes, outdoor bootcamps, and team-building challenges.
  2. Can you accommodate groups of different sizes?
    • Absolutely! Our facilities and activities can accommodate groups of all sizes, from small teams to large groups.
  3. Are the fitness activities safe and supervised by professionals?
    • Yes, our experienced and certified instructors ensure the safety of all participants, and are on hand at all times to provide guidance and support.
  4. Do you offer customized fitness programs to meet the specific needs of our group?
    • Yes, we offer customized fitness programs designed to meet the unique goals and needs of your group, whether it’s weight loss, increased endurance, or stress relief.
  5. Can we expect healthy and nutritious meals and snacks as part of the program?
    • Yes, we understand the importance of healthy nutrition for overall health and wellness, and we offer healthy and delicious meals and snacks to fuel your team’s fitness journey.